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Answer This Question, And You Win.

We spend so long learning to decipher the hieroglyphs that we almost feel entitled to favorable outcomes and attention.

It can look like this:

A conductor who is flustered before downbeat because the house isn’t full on concert night.

Or this:

A talented but aloof and dismissive soloist who is not interested in talking to his fans after

a concert.

Or this:

The student who is frustrated that after hours and hours of practicing the same passages the outcome is still not much better.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting, up-and-coming, or have superstar status. We are all prone to this sense of entitlement.

Because you do devote hours to learning a language most people can’t access.

Because what you do takes not just hard work but vision.

Because not just anyone can do what you do.

But it’s not about you. It’s about what you can give.

Instead of asking what your audience thought of you, ask “What do they want?”

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