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How Not Watching "Attack on Titan" Improves My Practice Habits

As Jason and I finished Episode 6 of Attack on Titan Season 4, muffled, evil snickers proceed from the phone speaker. “You should just watch ALL the episodes! That way, you’ll have to wait with the rest of us!”

This is the taunt we received from a friend as we tried to resist throwing tiny objects at the TV out of frustration. (If you don’t know already, AoT is absurdly effective at delivering a cliffhanger.)

Some people would probably look at this and think: Why wait? The episodes are already there. Either way, you’re going to be waiting.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting with my feet up, savoring the bliss that comes from not worrying about what to fill the void with.

When there are no immediate risks or downsides to filling a desire, it can be difficult to see why exercising restraint could be beneficial to our health and success.

The thing about good habits, though, is when exercised they tend to show up in other areas of our lives… like the practice room, for instance.

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