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You Are Not Musical.

“Musicality” is the blanket term we use when our thoughts about a piece of music are ill-defined. We use this term to combine the ideas of expressiveness and lyricism, but the word is about as useful as a spork: you spend a lot of time repeating the same action with minimal progress. It’s inefficient at best, ludicrous at worst.

The question you really need to answer is, “What am I trying to express?”

If you were to attempt explaining your ideas to a person who is not a musician, how do you communicate the impact of what they’re about to hear from you?

Being “musical” is not interesting. No astronaut signs up for a year aboard the International Space Station for the promise that their work will be “scientific.” We don’t watch Soul with the hope that it will be “cinematic.”

You are not musical. You are a storyteller. You are an experience. Be interesting. Ignite our imaginations, and take us on a journey with you.

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