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Want to be the confident performer that leaves an audience at the edge of their seats?

Again, in a world that increasingly draws on an individual’s time, attention, and skill, I am the teacher that extracts excellence while being respectful of the many other elements that comprise a healthy and productive life. Especially for young students, with me, your practice will reflect harmony between the study of the instrument and the various other activities that contribute to a rich, comprehensive general education.


One of the biggest compliments you can receive from anyone is the recognition of your unique sound on the instrument. If you’re passionate and hungry to learn everything you can about the clarinet, then I can help you develop that sound that is so characteristically you, no one else can claim it. In that pursuit, I believe the study of clarinet reveals your truest nature, the highest self, and you will learn to align with this version of you more consistently as you continue to practice.


Since 2011, I have worked with players of all levels, running the gamut from beginners with no experience on the clarinet to post-graduate clarinetists working toward the next level in their careers. I am confident that I will help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.

The Junior Centered Clarinetist Academy

Do you keep hearing the adults in your life tell you that you should be practicing, but you just don't know what for? Maybe you're already so good that you can't possibly figure out what to make better. Maybe you're in the 2nd or 3rd section of your band, and you're bored of only playing the harmony. What's the point? Those half notes are easy, right?

I hear that.

This is the place for the developing clarinetist to gain access to a deeper challenge. With a mixture of pre-recorded content plus some direct feedback from me, you'll have the chance to explore your own individual voice through the music. Plus, you'll gain the tools you need to figure out how to play anything

Coming Soon!

Centered Clarinetist 1:1  Lessons


If you are an experienced player looking for a more intensive, career-building approach to your training, then this is the place for you. In addition to your traditional clarinet lessons, you'll receive bi-monthly 1:1 chats where we will regularly evaluate and adjust your goals to suit your specific performance needs. I also record these sessions, providing you an additional learning tool for documenting your learning process.

Call or email me for a FREE consultation to see if collaborating with me is the right choice for you! 




SJSU Student

I am currently finishing my Bachelors of Music at San Jose State University. Before attending SJSU, I took private lessons with Kristin Nakagawa. I am thankful I took lessons with her because she helped better prepare me for my journey at SJSU school of music in so many ways, from learning the fundamentals of the clarinet, such as having a proper embouchure and proper hand position, to learning all the clarinet standard repertory and orchestra excerpts. Kristin studied clarinet with some of the best clarinet teachers in the country. She is capable of answering any clarinet pedagogical question. I can say first hand that Kristin is not just capable of teaching clarinet, but she’s caring for all her students. She always does more than is necessary because she just wants the best for her students! If you are someone who is trying to learn clarinet for fun or someone who is trying to improve in any specific area on the clarinet, Kristin is more than capable! 


Greenfield USD

Elementary Music Specialist

When I began my undergraduate degree in Music Education at CSUB, my clarinet skills were far behind where they should have been. However, by the time I graduated Kristin had morphed me into a much more well rounded and transformed clarinetist. She helped me to grow in my technical ability, musicianship, and performance confidence. Kristin held me to high standards in regards to practicing, discipline, and repertoire. There was never a lesson where I felt that there was nothing new to learn. She is energetic, motivating, and continues to be a great mentor to me. I highly recommend her with no reservations.  


Greenfield USD

Ollivier MS Music Director

Ms. Kristin Nakagawa was my instructor for 4 years and she was the first clarinet teacher
I ever had. Was I scared and nervous at first, yes. But as time went on I quickly realized that Ms.
Nakagawa was one of those teachers who truly cared about her students and wanted to see them
succeed not only musically, but academically and in life. She has high standards and always
expects you to do your best. During those four 4 years, Ms. Nakagawa was one of the professors
who truly challenged me and made me be the best version of myself. During lessons, Ms.
Nakagawa is positive, engaging, and fun creating a safe environment full of musical learning. It's
almost going to be a year since I graduated and to this day I feel like I can call Kristin and ask
her for some advice on anything.

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