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"It is my mission as both musician and teacher to bring to the practice a sense of calm, wellness, and non-judgment."

Born and based in Bakersfield, California., I'm a clarinetist known for her characteristically beautiful sound. I serve as the 2nd clarinetist of the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, an Adjunct Professor of Music at CSU Bakersfield, and a private clarinet instructor. 


Deep down, despite all the conventional wisdom of my family & friends, I knew I wanted a life in music, so I packed up and left to get the best training I possibly could. I earned my Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance at Indiana University Bloomington, studying with international soloist James Campbell, and my Master of Arts in Clarinet Performance at San Jose State University, studying with Dr. Janet Averett. Although I initially did not think I would return to Bakersfield, I delight in giving back to the community that raised me. I am passionate about sharing my love for music and artistry here in my hometown.


As a teacher of the clarinet, I am dedicated to helping each student discover the very best in themselves. In a society that emphasizes activeness, achievement, and social connection as the barometers of success, it is my mission as both teacher and musician to bring to the practice a sense of calm, wellness, and non-judgment. In other words, I seek to emphasize the importance of inner reflection and harmony over external outcomes in the pursuit of mastery and excellence.

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