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Staying With The Habit

The Lizard

Fatigue is the lizard in your brain showing up to diminish your desire to be great.

It tells you to stay under the blankets where it’s warm and nap until noon because you earned it.

It tells you it’s much nicer to binge watch shows on HBO.

It tells you practicing is not worth doing unless you put the normal amount of time or effort in.

Ways You Dance With the Lizard (That Still Count)

  • Hearing the urge to practice, even when you choose not to practice.

  • Learning the melody of Gustav Holst’s “Thaxted” by ear:

  • Playing tunes from your Disney solo book in front of your family on Christmas.

  • Making up your own noodles that don’t sound like “real” music.

  • Trying out multiphonics and sounding awful at it.

Staying with the habit right now isn’t about putting in maximum effort. It’s not about how much time you put in, either.

Stay with the habit to honor your desire to be great.

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